Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do The Lakers Need To Make A Trade?

The Lakers are reeling. The team just lost a big game to the Boston Celtics. This year's Lakers team does not resemble the one that won the NBA Championship just a season ago. The Lakers lack energy and they need a spark. They have regressed and look like the Kobe Bryant Show. This much is clear about the current Lakers team.

Derek Fisher is done. His best days are behind him and he has given the Lakers nothing all season long. Steve Blake is not the answer. Blake looks awkward in the triangle offense. His offensive creativity is stifled and he seems to struggle to run the offense. Andrew Bynum is giving the Lakers absolutely nothing in the middle. Whatever happened to the Bynum of three seasons ago?

The one bright spot is Lamar Odom. He has played his way onto the All Star team and has put up fantastic numbers night after night. The Lakers may need to consider trading a player like Bynum to bring back another piece. This team as currently configured is not going to 3 peat. Maybe they could swing a trade for Carmelo Anthony. They could rent him for half the season to help them get over the hump.

I just don't see this Lakers team as currently configured beating the Spurs, Heat or the Celtics in the playoffs.


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